Concealer- MAC vs Maybelline

Hello Again! As you can tell by the title of this post I am going to be comparing concealers and letting you know my thoughts on them! I am comparing the MAC Pro Longwear concealer with the Maybelline Master Conceal by Facestudio. I have been using the MAC Pro Longwear concealer for a few years … Continue reading Concealer- MAC vs Maybelline

MAC Matte Liquid Lipstick- Review

Hello Again! Today I am going to 'unbox' and review a MAC matte liquid lipstick! This was given to me a gift by someone, so please dooooon't judge me for the colour. Full disclaimer here, I have no idea what I am doing! haha I have never applied liquid lipstick before and I am far … Continue reading MAC Matte Liquid Lipstick- Review