Things Worth Splurging On

Hi guys!

I have been pretty busy lately but I finally got my post up!

Today I wanted to talk about things that I feel are worth the heftier price tag. There are a lot of things that you can get much less expensive “dupes” for! But there are some things that you should shell out the extra $$$ for to make sure that you are getting that top-notch quality. I’m all for saving money but there are sometimes that the supposed “dupe” doesn’t live up to the expectations and you would probably spend more on repairs or replacements than on the actual product itself.

So here are a few things that I feel are worth spending the extra dollars on to make sure you are getting something of excellent quality:

Headphones– This one for me is key. I actually have 2 sets of headphones. The cheaper ones that I use while working out, it’s just the ones that came with my phone. Then I have my Studio Beats by Dre. I LOVE MY BEATS. The sound quality is mind-blowing, and they are noise cancelling which is a need when travelling. I’m not saying that you ave to go out and drop a couple of bills on some headphones, but I think that investing in a decent pair will make you much happier (especially if you are like me and take the train and don’t want to listen to crying babies). And I say this while having the worst luck with headphones as well. Ask my mom, I would go through 3-4 pairs a YEAR, just because they were cheap $10 pairs that would stop working one day.

Gym Shoes– I feel that the quality of gym shoe really affects my workout. I actually have 2 pairs that I wear for different types of work outs. I have the Reebok Crossfit Nanos, that I use for all my weight/resistance/plyometric workouts, and then a pair of Nike Air 5.0 for when I am doing more cardio focused work outs. I think that wearing the proper footwear is essential, having proper support means that your body mechanics are on point. With crappy shoes and improper support you can really hurt your self. You don’t have to go out and bust the bank on some outrageous shoes, but you should take into consideration what activities you do and then figure out what the best shoe option is for you.

Lap Top– As of now I have a Mac Book Pro, I have had it since 2011 and it has served well and I honestly have had pretty much 0 problems with it over the years. This thing has survived 4 years of school ~3-4 moves and is still going strong. The previous laptop that I had was an HP and it lasted me like 3 years before it would over heat doing the simplest tasks. Getting a lap top or any computer really is something that I think you should invest in. You want something that will last you for years and that you won’t have to worry about getting parts replaced constantly after the warranty expires. It’s also peace of mind for my files and photos that I store on it. I don’t worry about it crashing and losing everything. For me I prefer Macs, I know that it is more expensive than most lap tops out there but I also feel that for the quality of machine that I am getting it is worth it, and knowing that after 3-4 years I will probably have to replace it.  Again, there are ranges of computers, be sure to choose the one that is best for what you want/ need it for, there’s no need to spend money on something you don’t need, but that being said, don’t feel like you must purchase the cheapest product just because of the price tag.


Now this one is for the ladies …


Menstrual Cup– I bought mine ~2 years ago and I haven’t looked back since! (I’ve linked my review to this post here). Honestly, it is amazing and I recommend it to allllllllll my ladies! Yes it is more expensive up front, BUT it pretty much pays for itself in like 3 months. Now imagine not having to pay for any pads or tampons ever again! That’s a decent amount of money saved that you can now put towards something else! Be sure to do your research and pick one that is the best fit for you, I use the Diva Cup. You want to make sure that it is made of medical grade silicon. Pick one that is the right fit for you and I swear once you get the hang of it, you will not want to use anything else. This is definitely worth the price tag!


Let me know if you have anything that should be splurge worthy!




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