Self Tanner Review – Vita Liberata

Hi Guys!

Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the self tanner that I have been using for a couple of months now! Since I have been out of school, I haven’t been able to spend as much time outside as I used too. This means that I don’t get that same bronzy glow that I used to get either. And let me tell you, even with sunscreen I was still able to get a nice tan!  I don’t know about you but I feel more confident and a little sexier with a tan.

When it came to choosing a self tanner I decided that I wanted one that was gradual, that way I could see that it was looking like and build it up if I wanted too and wouldn’t turn a scary shade of orange over night (this was actually a big fear). I went to a Sephora and was asking what they would recommend, it was between the Vita Liberata and the St Tropez. But it turned out the St Tropez version was sold out so Vita Liberata it was!

I like the packaging, it’s just a big squeeze tube. A white bottle and dark bronze cap. So far I haven’t had any problems with leaking or making a mess while it was closed. The bottle has instructions on the back of how to prep your skin and apply the product. Now, me being a dummy and being new to this self tan thing, I decided not to buy a mitt to apply the product and that I would just use my hands. I do like that it tells you if you do use your hands to wash them immediately after application and you make sure you get between your fingers! This is very important and very helpful, nobody wants tell-tale orange fingers of self tanner.


When I prep my skin for application, I usually shower in the morning and then in the evening I dry buff my skin all over. Then I apply the tanner! I wear a smallllllllll bikini during application and pretty much cover my self in the product. Then I have D apply it to my back since I can’t reach hahaha. At first I was surprised that the actual product was white! But is rubs in smoothly and the skin absorbs it fairly quickly. I usually wait an hour or so for it to sink in and then it’s bed time! Now it says that it takes 4-8 hours for the tan to develop. Since I have only applied it before bed time I am going to have to agree and when I wake up I have a really nice healthy glow. dsc_0074.jpg

I find that even though I use my hands to apply the tanner that it doesn’t look streaky which is a hugeeeee bonus. And as long as I am careful I don’t really get any splotchy areas either. The tanner has a lot of moisturizing components to it leaving my skin feeling to soft after application. The back on the bottle does state that it has “Odour Remove Technology for zero smell…” WELL, actually the product itself does have a smell BUT once it has sunk in to the skin it is so faint that you don’t really notice, but it does leave a faint smell on your hands.

Here are my before use and after use photos! This is only after one application. And I will have you know that there are only 2 faint streaky bits that are really small this time… hahaha

Before is the left and after is the on the right. I know that the lighting is slightly different, but you can still tell that I have more colour in the the second photo. Please ignore my sandal tan……. hahaha

Are there any other self tanners that you guys recommend? And is it really necessary to get a mitt for application?




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