Favourite Netflix Documentaries

Hi Everyone!

Since I moved into my apartment about 2 years ago I decided that I didn’t want to get a cable package and that I would be fine with the internet and Netflix. This means that I spend a lot of time watching Netflix when I’m not working. Recently I have been getting into watching a lot of their documentaries or Docuseries’. These are the top 3 that I thought were so incredibly well done. I will do my best not to put in any spoilers but just in case, if you have not watched The Keepers, Chasing Coral & Last Chance U proceed with caution…. 😉

1: The Keepers – This starts off recounting the murder of nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. It then uncovers a huge scandal that had taken place at the school where Sister Cathy worked before she had been murdered. I found it very interesting to hear the stories from people who knew Sister Cathy, and their take on what had happened to her. It was heart breaking to hear from others recounting their horrifying experiences at the school and that the church may have had a hand in covering up the scandals. I put this in the same category with Making A Murderer, it’s pure morbid curiosity that drives you to binge watch the series. It is very well done, and if you liked Making A Murderer you will like The Keepers as well.

2: Chasing Coral – This one is not a docuseries. BUT, it is still so fascinating. Shows the environmental impact we are having on coral reefs around the globe. It is also a call to action. Reefs are a vital part of the marine ecosystem and that without them our oceans will lose so much life. But it also brings hope that there may be something we can do to help, that it may not be too late to save the oceans. Educate yourself on the beauty of the marine world and watch Chasing Coral!!

3: Last Chance U – This is a docuseries that is now in its second season. Basically the premise of the show is to follow football players at a junior college in no where Mississippi that are trying to get into better schools with better football programs in the NCAA. Not only is the show about football, it goes deeper in the lives of the players, how did they end up there, where they want to go next, and their up bringing. I know that the first season came out last summer, but the second season just came out and me and D totally binged both seasons. This show is put together so well with a great combination of football and personal interest. Even if you aren’t a huge sports fan I think that you would enjoy watching Last Chance U.


These are the 3 that I have been obsessing over since they came out, I loved to watch them and tell pretty much everyone I know to watch them as well. Are there any shows on netflix that I should watch next?




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