Favourite Dog Products

Hello Again!

In April it marked my little frenchie nuggets birthday and he is officially 1-year-old. In June it will mark 1 year that we have had him (his ‘Gotcha Day’). In the almost year that we have had him we have been through quite a bit and most of it has been good! Blu is in perfect health! He has a great diet and we make sure that he gets plenty of exercise and socializing with other puppies.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite products that we have for Blu. These are things that we use on a regular basis (pretty much everyday). I will link to where you can find these products or something similar if I can’t find the exact one. (This is not a sponsored post, these are just things I wanted to share with you 🙂 )

  1. Car Seat– Judge me all you want but I really love having this thing in my car. Especially when he was a puppy, Blu wasn’t quite big enough to look out the window. His seat allows his to look out the window, and keeps him clipped in and secured should something happen. It also prevents him from wandering around the car and being a distraction. This is something that gives me peace of mind, especially when I am driving alone in the car with Blu. Blu’s seat is from the Martha Stewart Pet Collection.  They don’t sell this particular seat anymore but here is the link to a few that are similar.
  2. Chuckit– At first we didn’t think we needed a Chuckit because Blu isn’t a big dog, but we were proved wrong when we started taking him to the park and he just wanted to keep running. This thing is basically a catapult, it can throw the ball so much farther and without you injuring yourself. It also means you don’t have to touch the slobbery ball either! It’s a win-win for everyone! Here is the link to the Chuckit that we have, I would suggest also purchase additional balls to use with it as well.
  3. Coconut Oil– I know that this isn’t strictly a dog product BUT, I do use it on Blu a couple of times a week. Coconut oil is actually quite beneficial to dogs in small amounts. I use it mainly on his nose to keep it from getting dry. I also give him a little bit to eat as it is good for their skin and fur. Just remember that it is small amounts or it will give them an upset stomach. Here is some coconut oil you can use, you can also get small jars but I also use it when I cook so I don’t mind getting a big jar.
  4. Poopbags– Pooooooop. Dogs poop a few times a day, and since we do not have a back yard, that means we have to pick up after Blu every time he goes. That would mean that we use a lot of plastic bags. Thankfully there are a few companies that have come out with biodegradable poop bags. This makes me feel better about the impact we have on the environment and that we can throw out these bags in our green bins. They can also come scented as an added bonus 😉 Here are the bags that we use, they are scented and you can get a handy dispenser that you can hang off the leash so you never forget a bag!
  5. Paw Balm– This is something that we didn’t start using until the winter and we are still using it now, just less frequently. It is a waxy balm that you apply to their foot pads. It not only moisturizes them and makes them softer and less scratchy, it also forms a protective barrier between their foot pads and something like the harsh salt they use on the streets. The vet saw a noticeable difference in his paws after using this (the vet visits were not related to this). This is the balm that we use and have found it to be very effective.



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