If I won the lottery…

Hello Again!

This is something I like to day dream about and let’s be honest, WHO DOESN’T!? I like to think of all the things that I would do if I won, and I mean the big jackpot, liiiike multiple millions! This is just something fun that I kind of turned into the game If I won the lottery and it’s also a great ice breaker or a way to learn more about someone. I think it’s interesting all the different things that people want to do with the money. Here is what I would do with the money.

  1. Buy a house- This is something that I would actually be able to do in Toronto- Finally! The housing market is ridiculous and I would love to actually have a house with a yard and a garage and a big sexy kitchen
  2. Buy a new car- I know this seems obvious but my current car is an old crappy Mazda. So getting a new car would be heaven after all of the shit I have had to deal with (another story for another time). In case you were wondering I would get a top of the line Tesla, not only do they look cool they are good for the environment!
  3. Vacation property- I would totally get a beautiful cottage in like Muskoka or something. I liiiiiiive for summer on the lake and being able to have a cottage that myself and my family can use would be amazing! And of course and extra source of income when I rent it out 😉
  4. Donate to charity- I would make 3 large donations. First, to the Canadian Cancer society in my father’s name, second to the Kingston Oncology centre/ St. Marys on the lake as they did so much for my family. Finally to Sick Kids Toronto, this has impacted myself and D ever since his sister was diagnosed (she is doing GREAT FYI).
  5. Spoil my friends and family- I loveeee to surprise people with stuff! Whether it’s treating them to dinner of getting something they were not expecting. Seeing the looks on their faces of genuine surprise and happiness just gives me the greatest feeling 🙂


Of course there is the boring stuff too, like investing and savings and retirement savings and what not. But I thought I would share the bigger things that I would do with money if I ever do win!


What would you do if you won the lottery?






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