Hello again!

As you can see by the title of this post, I went to Harry Potter Land! My boyfriends family was going and they so very nicely invited me to join them as well! I have to say that going to Harry Potter Land has been something I wanted to do ever since I heard they were making the theme park.

We (me and D) were in Florida for 4 days with the rest of the family and then we had to come home for work. His Family went on to Siesta Keys to relax on the beach. But the 4 days that we had were in Universal Studios. We definitely spent the most time in Harry Potter Land, but we did make sure to see the rest of the park and to go on as many rides as possible.

The first ride we went on and possibly my favourite ride in the whole park was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey! It takes you through Hogwarts, and you see and do so much! (side note: it is a 3D ride with LOTS of crazy movement and I got a bit of the whirlies after but it was SO worth it). Not only are there many rides and attractions there is just so much to see! 

The have completely replicated Diagon Alley, (including Knocturn Alley). They have Gringotts Bank with the dragon on top (it even breathes fire!) and the Escape from Gringotts ride takes you through the bank where you can see the goblins and the lobby of the bank! What I really enjoyed was that even though there may have been long wait times they designed a lot of the area preceding the ride to be interactive with amazing displays of replicas from the movie. This really helps to distract from the wait and made it almost part of the ride.

You can buy interactive wands that with designated areas around the Harry Potter Park you can do ‘magic’! and of course you can buy the wands of any of your favourite characters! We chose to get a Sirius Black wand. There is the option to get the non-interactive wands as well. We also learned that you can get a wand custom-made for your self if that is something you really want.

There are many things to get a souvenir: robes, mugs, wands, shirts, sweaters… if you can think of it, the probably have it. We opted for some cute subtle sweaters. We did see some cute little ones with robes and wands and I thought it was the most precious thing!

Here are some things that I recommend to see or do if you are going to Harry Potter Land: 1. Butter Beer- In the movies they have it as warm, but in Florida in April it still gets pretty hot so they serve it cold and iced. I have to say it was amazing. So make sure you try it! It’s like a butterscotch, root beer, vanilla, cream soda combination and definitely full of sugar but it is a great treat.

2. Forbidden Journey- It is a great ride! There is so much detail to take in, even before you get on the ride! And the ride itself it amazing, you get to go through the castle, the forbidden forest and the school grounds with characters from the movies

3. Escape from Gringotts-  It is a similar style ride to the Forbidden Journey in that is 3D and interactive. You get to see the inside of the bank that you got to see in the movie. You get to see the dragon and so much of the bank and even more characters from the movie.

4. Diagon Alley- It is an exact replica from the movie. The stores are the same and they offer much of what was seen in the movies! They have stationary, robes, wands, games, food, so much to see! (also check out the Leaky Cauldron for some decent food)

5. Hogwarts Express- This will take you from Diagon Alley to the rest of the Harry Potter theme park. They even made this part interactive with video! It also saves you from walking which you will be doing a lot of anyways (this is also connected to platform 9 3/4)

6. Honey Dukes- It has all of the candy and sweets mentioned in the books and movies. The chocolate frogs are great and they have all the flavours in the Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans (even the gross ones).


I think that is all I have for recommendations for now, but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask!

Here are a few photos I took while there (the photos don’t do it justice though):






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