Travel Bucket List

Hello Again!

So many of my friends have been going on amazing travelling adventures all over the world (literally). So it got me to thinking of all the countries I would like to visit if/ when I get the chance to travel! This is only a short list, and I’ll add a short reason as to why I want to go. And some of these are also on my actual bucket list as well!

  • Italy- This is where D’s family comes from, so obviously he would come with me. But I also want to go for the fact that it is a gorgeous country and has so much history. AND of course the amazing food and wine. duh.
  • Greece- Greece is really close to Italy, and again as such amazing history and food and I could honestly go on and onnnnn about all the things I want to see in Greece. I took so many classical history classes in university that I can’t wait to see where it all came from.
  • Scotland- This is where my family is from. I would love to see it all! Scotland is a beautiful country in its own right and has so much history. I would love to see where my family comes from and the history of my background.
  • Ireland- D’s family is also Irish. So and I can’t say that I wouldn’t love to tour the Green Isle and drink beer and do all the things the Irish do.
  • Japan- This is a gorgeous country with so much to offer and I feel that it is often overlooked. I want to experience their culture first hand and also try their food, I love sushi but I feel that it is verrrry different in Japan and I would loooove to try it 🙂
  • Egypt- I neeeeed to see the pyramids. The stories of them have always fascinated me and again their culture is something that I want to experience.
  • South Africa- I want to go cage diving with sharks. I want to go some place so different and so new. I know there are so many things to see and see that I would never get to do at home. I want to experience it all!
  • Ice Land- So many people I know have been there and I have heard anything but good things. The scenery is amazing and clearly I want to try out the natural hot springs.
  • Bahamas- My closest childhood friend actually sailed there when we were younger with her family and I have seen so many amazing photos of the islands. I have been dying to go and experience it all for myself ever since I was like 12!
  • Indonesia- I think this one is may be at the top of my list of places I want to go. Mainly because of Bali. It is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I have to go and see it al for myself!

There are so many reasons I want to go to all these places. I know that they are scattered all around the globe, but that’s kind of the point really. I want to go to places that are so different from where I am from. I want to experience the different cultures and scenery that the world has to offer! … and maybe scratch off some more countries on my scratch map 😉

Now, to save up so I can start on my adventures!

Where else would you recommend I go?




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