Spring Favourites!

Hello Again!

Today I am going to share with you my Spring favourites! These are just a collection of things that I have been obsessed with for spring! Enjoy 🙂 (I know I sure did)

Socks– These socks were actually knit by my mom and a belated birthday gift! They are so warm and snuggly and oh so cute! I wear them all the time to keep my feet warm… for some reason my feet seem to always be cold but with these bad boys that is not the case any more! img_4469

Schitts Creek– I am seriously obsessed with this show! The first few seasons are on Netflix and I just can’t get enough. The writing is great and I love the snarky banter between the characters. And I would definitely have to say that my favourite character is David, so much attitude and snappy come backs. It definitely helps that my sister watches it too and we can just quote the lines to each other. Schitts Creek

Dineen Coffee Co.– I had a meeting there one day and it is the cutest coffee shop! The service is great and it’s right next to the Eaton centre in Toronto. I got a vanilla latte, and it blew my mind. SERIOUSLY, the best latte I have ever had. If you are ever in the area I insist that you go! I’m just dreaming of going back as soon as I can…


Fruit smoothies- Lately  I have been super in to smoothies. I like to either have them for breakfast or lunch! I like to use frozen fruit with protein powder, and a greens powder. I find that it is filling and that overall I have been feeling better and my skin looks better. Even D has been getting on the smoothie train 🙂

SongsSelena Gomez & kygo- it ain’t me and the Weeknd (pretty much the whole starboy album). Also Selena and the Weeknd are a thing and I love it, but that did not influence my music choice, I promise.


What are some of your spring favourites?






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