Concealer- MAC vs Maybelline

Hello Again!

As you can tell by the title of this post I am going to be comparing concealers and letting you know my thoughts on them! I am comparing the MAC Pro Longwear concealer with the Maybelline Master Conceal by Facestudio.

I have been using the MAC Pro Longwear concealer for a few years and I love it. The biggest thing for me that I don’t really like is the price tag and the fact that I have to find a MAC cosmetics store to buy it at which can be a pin as they aren’t as easy to find as a Sephora. But I ran out and I was in a pinch so I decided to go Shoppers Drug Mart to get a concealer, and I had been hearing from a few people and some beauty bloggers that the drug stores are now carrying a lot better formula and that their stuff is getting pretty good, so I decided to give it a shot.

So here are my thoughts on both concealers. What I liked and didn’t like and which one I would recommend.

MAC- Pro Longwear Concealer

As I said above, I have been using the MAC concealer for a few years and it was something that instantly became a staple in my daily makeup. I like to get colour matched when I go in to MAC depending on the season and the people who work there are always so helpful and make sure that I am getting the shade that matches me correctly and that I don’t buy something completely wrong for me.

It comes in a small glass container with a pump top on it. I love the way it looks with the bottom being see through so I can see how much I have left. The pump can be a little stiff at first when you are trying to use it and you don’t need a full pump. But other than that the design of the packaging is great!

It applies so easily. I use my blender sponge to apply it to my face and it blends in to my skin easily and has great coverage. What I love about it is that I can build the coverage up to what I need it to be and could event use it as a foundation if I really wanted to. This is something that is great for me as some times all I really need is a bit of concealer but other times I want full face coverage. It also stays on ALL DAY. This was a big deal for me. I can put it on in the morning and it pretty much stays put all day long.

Overall I would soooo recommend this! I actually have! My mom and sister both use and they love it as well. My only real issues are with the pricing and that it’s a trip to go and get it but the coverage and wear make it worth it.

Maybelline- Master Concealer by Facestudio

I bought this when my MAC concealer ran out and I didn’t have to the time to go out and get another one as I don’t have a store close by. And I have been hearing good things about drug store brands getting better with the quality of their products so I thought I would give it a try. Just to make sure I gave it a fair shot I used it for about a month.

When I tested it out on my hand it blended really well and it didn’t feel like I would need a lot of it which is nice. The packaging is very different, it’s a tube and you squeeze out however much you want, which is nice since you have control out how much you want to use. It also contains more product than the MAC concealer.

The tag line on the concealer is camouflaging concealer and true to its name it blended REALLY well. Same as the MAC concealer I would apply to my skin with my blender sponge. It went on really nice, it covered everything and was so smooth, and it felt so  mice on my skin when I was applying it.

For about the first 2 hours of wearing it, it looks great. BUT as the day goes on it wears off and settles into any small lines or areas and just doesn’t look nice anymore. It makes my under eye area look weird and made me look more tired over all. By the end of the end of the day any spots or dark marks that I was covering are very visible, and I am not about to get into the habit of reapplying my make up constantly.

Overall, I would say that is does have some good things about it. But for what I want/ need it doesn’t work for me. I don’t like that it wears off and settles weirdly on my face after a few hours.


Final thoughts, I would choose the MAC concealer over the Maybelline. It is worth the extra money and time to get it for the quality of the product. It’s a great finish and my skins looks great all day.


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