Sheet Masks- My New Obsession

Hello Again!

Today I wanted to share my new obsession with you! Sheet masks. I AM IN LOVE. seriously, they are amazing. I am already a big fan of using face masks regularly, I usually do a face mask 1-2 times a week and after a last-minute stop at a winners a couple of months ago I decided to pick some up on a whim and I really enjoyed them!

The brand that I have been using is The Crème Shop, it is an LA based company and they have a huge variety of sheet masks for all kinds of skin types and any issues you may b having. They even have the ones with the cute little faces on them!

I was able to get mine in a pack of 5, I actually used them all and I found that after each use, my skin felt to soft and hydrated and the next morning it was still so soft and looked really good. The next time I went to Winners I looked for the masks again and I found some different ones and I have to say that these ones I like even more!

The first ones I bought were just meant to moisturize and even out my skin tone. The second ones I bought (2 boxes with 5 masks each) is a combination of charcoal and lemon. The charcoal is meant to draw out all the bad stuff and clean the skin, the lemon is meant to help fight breakouts while diminishing scars. For me, this is the best combination. I don’t have acne but I do get breakouts during that time of the month. My skin does easily scar though and this masks checks off all the boxes for what I am looking for in my skin care routine.

I love the packaging, and the scent of the mask. It does feel VERY cold when you first put it on, but you get used to that pretty quickly. I usually put one on before bed when I am lying in bed reading or watching tv, then before I go to sleep I take it off and let my skin soak up anything that is left behind.

I highly recommend this mask. My face feels so soft and clean after each use, and this may be early to say but I do feel that my breakouts have been less this month since I have started using them. They are also fairly inexpensive, I was able to get mine in packs of 5, but even individually they are roughly $3 (US dollars).

Here are some photos! To get your own awesome face masks check them out here!

And if you have any recommendations for me let me know in the comments!



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