Blogging Challenge- Final Thoughts

Hello Again!

Now that my 30 day blogging challenge is over and I have had some time to reflect I thought I would share my thoughts with you about the whole process!

In some ways it was so easy to do, the topics were already picked out and scheduled and I just have to share my take on them with you! And some of the topics were so interesting and fun to write about. But there were others that I felt like I was forcing it somewhat, that it was not something that I would usually write about. I think that it was good that I was pushed out of my comfort zone.

I learned a lot about myself during this challenge! There were quite a few topics where I have to think about myself in a new or different way and I feel much better for it. I got to share some pretty deep stuff with you guys about my life and I think that because I was able to get it out there that I feel better mentally as well.

I don’t know if posting everyday is something that I am ready to do or really want to do (YET). I don’t think I have the time to create really thoughtful and creative posts with the job that I have now. But this is something that I may try to do as a goal for my future.

I have lots of ideas and goals for this blog and I hope you all stay with me for the ride! And if you have thoughts or suggestions on improvement please feel free to share with me! I am so open to feed back!



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