Blogging Challenge- Day 27- What is my favourite part of my body?

Hello Again,

Today’s topic is about the body! Specifically what is my favourite part of my body and why. I think this a good way to build positive self-esteem and a healthy body image. Thanks so my parents I developed a healthy body image and high self esteem. I think this is something that doesn’t only affect girls, it affects everyone.

Of course I think that there are areas of my body that could be improved but I also practice self-love and I enjoy and am happy with how I look. As for my favourite body part I would have to say that my favourite part of my body would be my legs. I loooove my legs.

I love them because they are my source of strength, they get me where I need to be. They support me and carry me. I love they way they look, I love all their scars and the stories they tell.

I think everyone should take some time and just think about all the amazing things their body can do and what it is they like about themselves. Self love is so important, so take some time and love ya self!



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