Blogging Challenge- Day 25- If I could have dinner with any one in history, and what would you eat?

Hello Again!

The topic today is choosing anyone from history and having dinner with them and what would we eat?

This is actually so hard. There are so many people who come to mind, people from the past and present are all good choices.

Like who wouldn’t want to have dinner with Obama, especially after all of the crazy that has been happening since the election. Or Oprah, I bet she has some GREAT stories to tell! Or someone like Audrey Hepburn, she had such a wonderfully colourful and amazing life, I would love to know all about it or the recently passed Carrie Fischer, she was a character and I best she has some wild stories.

There are people like past Kings and Queens, past presidents, and celebrities. But then I also consider personal connections and think of my ancestors and all my families ties to Scotland. But I think that out of everyone in the world past and present, I would like to have dinner with my Dad one more time.

As for what we would have, of course we would have all his favourites. Orange soda, scotch, angel food cake, steak, burgers, BFCC and lots of cookies and doughnuts.

Who would you have dinner with? And what would you eat?



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