Blogging Challenge- Day 24- My family dynamic, and how it has changed since I was young

Hello Again!

Today’s topic is about my family dynamic and how it is now vs. when I was a kid.

I haven’t really thought about this ever but now that I have it’s so interesting. I would say that my family had a healthy and normal dynamic. It was me, my mom, dad, and sister growing up.

I respected and loved my parents, they were loving and so so supportive of me and my sister. They encouraged us to play sports and make friends and do our best in school. of course I would get in to trouble here and there but for the most part things were good!

My sister is older than me by 4.5 years.  So there were the obvious sibling fights and arguments but the nice thing was that we were far enough apart that we both got to enjoy high school on our own. And no worries about borrowing each other clothes 😉

Obviously things are very different now. My dad passed when I was only 16, my sister was in university. It was hard, we each dealt with our grief in our own ways. But overall I think we are closer now than we ever were. I tell my mom everything, and same with my sister, they give me advice and help me work out all my tough choices and obstacles.

We keep each other humble and grounded, it’s not like were famous or anything but we let each other know when they are being ridiculous. My mom has no issue telling me to piss off if I’m bugging her and she knows I would do the same. But everyone understands that this is all said with love and there is no mean intent behind it.

We are so sarcastic and all love to laugh and make fun of each other, we played cards against humanity with my mom and her boyfriend and it was hilarious. I think we have a healthy and amazing family dynamic. There is no shortage in communication and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Everyone’s family is different, there is no one way to have a good or healthy dynamic. This is mine and my family’s.




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