Blogging Challenge-Day 21-If I could choose 1 superpower, what would it be and what would I do with it?

Hello Again!

Today I will share what my super power would be and what I would do with it. This is like the hardest question. I keep changing my mind on what I think would be the best super power to have. And there is always the question about can you control it?

I consulted with the bf and what his thoughts are! haha I think we both came to the conclusion that teleportation would be the greatest power. Things like reading minds or x-ray vision wouldn’t be quite as useful.

If I had the gift if instant teleportation I would use it to travel the world! And see my friends/family in other places. If I could use it to help others in need I would. As my bf pointed out, it is also something that could come in handy if I was ever in a fight. So after about 15 minutes of banter about all the different kinds of powers, both of us agreed that teleportation would be the power we would choose!

What would you choose?



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