Blogging Challenge- Day 20- 3 significant childhood memories

Hello Again,

Today’s topic is 3 significant childhood memories. Now I’m not really sure what they mean by significant, so I jut picked the ones that stood out and are something that I will always remember.

The first one is when I was playing in a Ringette tournament and we were playing in I think it was the semis (or quarters), I don’t remember the team we were playing but I do remember that there was a girl on my team that was not as skilled as the rest of us. We did our best to make her feel a part of the team and find a position where should would be able to contribute. I remember being on the ice when she scored a perfect goal, and I was looking at the bench where my Dad was (he was the coach) and he celebrated that goal that she scored, almost harder than when we won the tournament. It really showed me that there is so much more to being on a team and playing sports than winning.

The next one is when I was much younger. There is a community pool by my old house and I basically grew up there for the summer since I was super small. Every summer they would host a “Fun Day” where they would have so many games, races, and performances. They would have activities for kids, adults, and whole families. I remember this one year my Dad participated and it was hilarious to watch. He was in the ‘root beer relay'(swim to the other end with a can of root beer, drink it and then swim back) and greasy watermelon (literally water polo with greased up watermelons). Watching the parents have so much fun and make fools of them selves really makes me hope that I will be like that when I grow up 😉

The last one is about camping! I would go to these camps in the summer that were all about out tripping. I went one a nine day trip and I had so much fun! I met a lot of cool people and learned a lot about myself. I don’t think that there is one memory in particular from that trip that stands out but I think overall that the trip was amazing. I think that I learned some pretty valuable skills, like how to pee in the bush, how to build a fire, the proper way to portage with a canoe. Camping is something that I love and was a big part of my life growing up.I hope to share even more adventures with my kids one day.




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