Blogging Challenge- Day 19- If I could live anywhere, and why?

Hello Again!

TODAY’S prompt (because I missed yesterday and had to post twice) is if I could live anywhere and why I chose to live there.

I actually thought a lot about this one. It was hard to choose and there was almost a tie. Even now I’m still debating on my final choice. So I guess I will share both.

FIRST, I have a huge weak spot for Vancouver. I have spent a decent amount of time there and I love it and miss it every time I leave. I love the mountains, the forests, the city and the overall more relaxed vibe and environment of the city. It has such diverse landscape that I just can’t get enough and I absolutely need to back so I can explore even more! The one drawback, is the weather, it just rains soooo muchhhh and I just don’t know if i could take it.

So the conclusion I came to was California, but more specifically the coast like the San Diego area. The vibe is so similar to Vancouver, everyone is so relaxed and chill. I have been there for a vacation when I was in high school and I loved it! I had so much fun and I just want to go back so badly! It still has amazing scenery and uggghhhhh it’s just such a fun place. And the weather is phenomenal (minus the drought). It also has the ocean which is warm and awesome.

SO I guesssss I would have to say that it would be California that I would live in, on  the beach with my little frenchie nugget and my man.




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