Blogging Challenge- Day 18- The most difficult thing to forgive?

Hello Again,

So I missed yesterday which means there are going to be 2 posts today! oooops!

Day 18 prompt is what was the most difficult to forgive. The saying is “to forgive and forget” but let’s be honest, you can forgive but you will probably never forget, and that’s not entirely a bad thing. Sometimes you need to remember why things didn’t work out.

I was dating this person in university on and off for about 2 years and we had spoken and agreed to be dating exclusively. They had some baggage from a previous relationship which made it difficult for them to commit to labelling our relationship as BF/GF and that should have been red flag #1.

Once we managed work past that he decided to tell me that he had lied during the first year we started dating and that he had been seeing someone else as well. The part that really hurt the most was that it was someone who I has asked him about repeatedly and he gave me the lines about not worrying and that she is just a friend and that she knows we are dating.

So basically, he lied to my face. Point blank. More than once. And pretty much demolished the trust we had. In order for me to move on I chose to forgive him, and let it go.

I chose me. And I will always choose me when it comes to taking care of my mental health over someone else.





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