Blogging Challenge- Day 16- My 5 greatest accomplishments

Hello Again!

Today I will be sharing what I consider to be my greatest accomplishments! Yay me!

  1. Getting my Bachelor’s Degree with Honours- I am very proud of getting my degree, I worked hard and it wasn’t always easy for me. This is something that I am very  proud of my self for doing.
  2. Buying my car- I bought my car with my own money. Paid for it outright in cash and am not carrying any debt from it. I was so proud of myself for being able to do this on my own (with a little guidance from my mom 😉 )
  3. Paying off my student debt- I was incredibly lucky in that my mom and dad created an RESP for my tuition for university. But that meant that I needed to pay for my other expenses. I didn’t have much debt compared to a lot of people but I still consider that a great achievement.
  4. Living on my own- I was able to move to another city and get my own place that I still have and now share with my S/O. I consider this a great achievement and milestone in my life.
  5. Getting Blu- I love Blu. He is my little baby, and that fact that I was able to get him and take care of him is something I am proud of. It means that not only and I able to take care of myself but another living thing! Blu is my pride and joy!

These are the things I consider my 5 greatest accomplishments, what are some of yours?!



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