Blogging Challenge- Day 12- Typical day in my life

Hello Again!

Today’s prompt is a typical day in the life. Well since it is a Saturday I will share my typical Saturday with you! I actually have another job so I promise it’s not that boring… hah!

So! Saturday’s I usually sleep in until 10-10:30am and its greaaaat! I get to sleep in and take my time getting up and making breakfast and sip on my coffee while I peruse social media. Saturday’s are my lazy days and I love them!

Usually around noon I will have a nice long shower, maybe do a quick face mask. Then I slowly start to get ready for work or more hurriedly depending on my start time.  As a second job I am an ‘ice girl’ for the Toronto Marlies! It’s actually a lot of fun and no, I don’t dance. I’m one of the ladies that goes out on the ice during the TV time-outs and shovels off the excess snow and we look good doing it.

I do my hair and make up and have something to eat then it is off to the arena for the game. I usually get there about an hour before the game starts so I can just hang out and chat with the girls and rink staff before the game. The game usually goes for about three hours and I have to say I have a lot of fun to watching the games and working. It’s an easy job and I really like it!

When the game is over I usually give my boyfriend a call and asks what he wants for dinner. We normally do take out Saturday nights when I work since it’s easy and we both are pretty busy. So we throw on some Netflix and eat!

The rest of the night is spent relaxing, watching movies, maybe have some wine or tea. Depends on how I’m feeling 😉 , but it’s usually nothing crazy. Once I get so tired I can’t keep my eyes open I go to bed. And that’s my typical Saturday!



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