Blogging Challenger- Day 11- 10 pet peeves

Hello Again!

Today i am sharing 10 of my pet peeves. I know only 10?! hahaha well it was a little harder than I thought but here we are!

  1. People who walk slow – WALK WITH A PURPOSE
  2. People reading out loud – I just can’t stand it
  3. People who stand in door ways – For no reason, they’re just in the way
  4. Loud chewing – it’s just gross.
  5. Loud music when you’re listening on headphones – if I can hear what you’re listening to then that defeats the purpose of wearing the headphones.
  6. Poor drivers – LEARN TO DRIVEEEEE
  7. People who use speaker phone when they are outside – I don’t want to hear why you’re mad at your boyfriend this time.
  8. People who are leave food every where – Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.
  9. People who constantly feel the need to take selfies – You are not Kim K. So stahhhhp.
  10. People who can’t park their cars properly – Seriously, parking is the easy part.

What are some of your pet peeves?



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