Blogging Challenge- Day 9- 10 people who have influenced me and how

Hello again!

Today I will be sharing 10 people who have influenced me and how. I have to say that getting to 10 was hard. This isn’t something I have sat down and thought about before, but now really thinking about it there are quite a few of them and I tried to keep it to people who have influenced me positively as much as a could.

  1. My Mom- She has probably influenced me the most out of everyone just being there for me and helping me sort through every tough decision I have made
  2. My Sister- Her support and sense of humour definitely played a major role in my life
  3. Roommate- My roomie and best friend in university has really influenced me in my choices and habits, especially when it comes to money since she was in school for accounting 😉
  4. Best Friend- She has been my best friend since I was 4 years old and she really influenced me to let go and have fun. To try new things and to hell with what other people think!
  5. Boyfriend- He has influenced me to be more confident and to follow my goals
  6. Dad- To be tenacious and not give up so easily. Keep trying no matter what.
  7. High School coach- This one was not so good. I have to say that she really impacted me and took a toll on my self-confidence as an athlete. But from that I learned how to be a better coach and learned what not to do.
  8. Family Friend- He has been here for me and my family since my dad passed and has always been full of key wisdom. And showed me the 3 rules to live by 1. never drink and drive, 2. Do not carry credit card debt, 3. Always have safe sex.
  9. Kayla Itsines- She has impacted so many people in such a great way. She has really influenced the healthy body image movement.
  10. Classmate- One of my very good friends from my post grad program really showed me how it pays off to work so hard and be so organized and now I try to emulate that in my own life

These are just 10 people who had influenced me, and I know there are probably quite a few more that I may not even realize have influenced me but these are the ones that come to mind.



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