Blogging Challenge-Day 5-5 things that make me most happy

Hello Again,

Today’s prompt is 5 things that make me most happy! This is a nice thing to think about and gives me all the warm fuzzies 🙂

  1. My puppy – Seriously, I am always looking forward to getting home because that’s where he is waiting for me. And he is always so excited to see me and play with me and it actually the best feeling ever 🙂 … and he is sleeping on my feet right now
  2. My boyfriend – He just moved in (officially) and has been very helpful with basically everything. He makes my life easier and much happier. I also love getting home and having him there too 🙂
  3. A good book – I love to just take a day, and sit on the couch and read. I get totally into the story and I am just so relaxed.
  4.  Cup Cakes – I can’t get enough of cup cakes. Seriously. They are amazing and come in all kids of delicious flavours. I could eat cup cakes for the rest of my life.
  5. Sweat Pants – If I had to choose one kid of pants to live in for the rest of my life, it would be a pair of roots sweat pants *heart eye emoji*

These are the 5 things that make me the most happy! 🙂 And now I have all the warm fuzzies 😀


p.s. I’m pretty sure this is the most amount of smilies I have put in a post before hahaha


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