New Years Goals 2017

Hello Again!

These are my new goals for 2017! I am so excited for this year and what it has in store. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you and the messes that I make along the way.

Here are my goals for the new year. I hope to be the best version of me I can be, and to learn some new stuff a long the way!

  1. Work more on my Etsy Shop- As most of you know, I started my etsy shop this year (Mo’Knitz) and I know that I can make is so much better! I want to dedicate more time to making it a better shop that is more appealing and fun!
  2. Find a work out routine that I enjoy and sticks – I grew up playing sports so I never really got familiar with going to the gym to work out,  since I have stopped playing a lot of sports I have found that the best way to stay in shape and that I enjoyed was Crossfit. I am hoping to be joining a new box soon and I will keep you updated on my progress!
  3. Take more time for myself– Mental health is a big deal. Making sure that you have some time blocked just for you to do things that you enjoy is super important! Whether its reading a book, going for a walk, I want to be better a making time for ME and doing things that make me happy.
  4.  Bake more– I used to bake a lot more. And I miss spending time in the kitchen having fun and making treats for people. I got some great new kitchen tools for Christmas so I hope to be baking more often 🙂
  5. Blog more!– I want to stay committed to blogging! I have really enjoyed this adventure into blogging and I hope to see where it goes! I want to blog at least once a week and take time to schedule posts and read more blogs! I want to get more involved in the blogging and word press community this year.


These are my goals for 2017! Now that I have put them out there I am going to crush it! I want to make this my best year yet!




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