Year Recap: Did I Keep My Resolutions?

Hello Again!

1. I am going to revisit my post from last year where I shared my 5 goals for 2016 and see if I actually I have to say that for most of the year I was on it. I was great with going to the gym and eating decently..vitamins were hit and miss haha. Unfortunately the summer was a mess, I had a crazy work schedule and was finding it so challenging to get a work out in, by the time the summer was over I was looking for a new job and knew that I would have to save all I could which meant that the gym membership would have to go.  I have also realized that I really don’t enjoy working out at places like Good Life, I just don’t feel motivated or really enjoy my time there (except the sauna). The only place I ever really liked going and wanted to go to was the Crossfit gyms I have been a part of.


2. Well I had done a great job at this for the most part. I actually managed to put money away and into my investments! Hooray! Obviously there were a few unforeseen expenses, and obviously the holidays mean there was a decent amount of spending, but I have to say that for the most part I think I really hit my goal! 🙂


3. Obviously this one was a success… hahah There were times where I missed  a week here and there but for the most part I think I really kept to it and I got to share a lot o great stuff with you guys! 🙂


4. I think this one was a moderate success. I planned a trip myself, got a job in a new field, and I tried new things in the kitchen. I think that I could have done more but I am happy with how far I have come!


5. Well this was technically a success. I had my Betta fish for just over 6 months. He got sick and I tried to look up everything I could to figure out what was wrong and make him better but I just couldn’t. Unfortunately he died in the summer.

Here is the link to my post from Last year! 2016 New Years Goals Stay tuned for my new post coming out soon with my 2017 goals! 🙂


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