Christmas Cookies

Hello Again!


Every year around Christmas my family becomes a full on bakery for little Christmas goodies. We always make sure that we are making different kinds so that there are lots to choose from! This is something that has carried on since my sister and I have left home, and is something that we look forward to!

My sister does sugar cookies and my mom does Belgium cookies, and I usually try to change things up be doing gingerbread cookies or something. BUT this year I wanted to try something new and do peppermint pinwheel cookies.

I found a beautiful recipe online from pinterest! A gorgeous blog called Salt Tree has the pinwheel (spiral) and it’s flawless and then coating the outside in sprinkles just makes it even more special. The best part is that in the post at the bottom it even tells you how to do the pinwheel in Christmas colours. And I have to say that it was incredibly helpful!

On this post I use her recipe to make sure that I get the best results possible. The only adjustment I made to it was that instead of 2 tsp of vanilla extract, I did 1 vanilla tsp and 1 mint extract tsp. It makes it more festive, and it’s not over powering in any way. The cookies still keep the sweet cookies flavour with just a little something extra!

My suggestions to those that try this recipe. FOLLOW IT. Seriously, there are a little tips in there that really help and make sure that your cookies turn out amazing! The one that I really wish I follow more closely was water on the outside of the cookie dough roll, it would have made the sprinkles stick better, and who doesn’t love more sprinkles?!?!

Seriously, these cookies turned out and they make your place smell AH-mazing and are just the most festive to look at! So go try this recipe! You can add the mint or not, but either way you will end up with delicious cookies! 🙂 What I lied the best was that I prepared the dough on one day and then froze it, and took it out and baked it another day and the cookies still turned out great!

Here are the pictures I took of my cookie making process!



I hope that all of your Christmas baking goes as well as mine did!

ps. this was scheduled to go up on Christmas eve, BUT some how it didn’t, sorry!



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