Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Hello Again!

During the holidays time can just pass by without you even noticing and before you know it, it’s Christmas!

Here are some great last minute stocking stuffer ideas that won’t break the bank but are still festive and fun!

Candy- Everyone has a favourite candy or sweet, and there are lots of holiday candies that are great and real cute.

Jewellery- This one is mainly for girls but if you have a guy that needs or wants it there ya go! Earrings or a cute necklace (that aren’t too big) are great little gifts for stockings. I love the packs of earrings that Claire’s has, they aren’t too expensive and are super cute.

Gift Cards- These can seem impersonal but also really helpful! They fit perfectly in stockings and can be a great little gift! My mom does this for me and my sister since we can be picky and sizing in women’s clothing is BRUTAL.

Socks- The older I get the more I grow to appreciate a good pair of socks. I love socks and I love getting socks for Christmas EVEN MORE. 😀

Tree Ornament- This is something that can be a fun new tradition that is also really meaningful. I love getting new ornaments, and remember who gave them to me and if there is a story behind it.

Small Toy- And I do mean small. Like from the dollar store. Maybe even something like a puzzle. But really I think that a small toy or stuffed animal really adds a little excitement and fun to “opening” the stockings

This one is for the adults 😉

Mini Bottles- Putting mini bottles of alcohol into the stocking is such a fun surprise! It’s a great way to make stockings a little more grown up but still fun! Just make sure they are careful not to break them before they even get to see what it is!


Here is a festive pug for your enjoyment 🙂 I can’t find the original poster but they are amazing and I would love to credit them!





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