Christmas Wishlist- A Gift Guide

Hello Again!

Every year in November I get an email from my sister asking for me and my mom to start making our Christmas lists and for us to get our significant others to make up their lists as well. Now I know that a lot of people stop doing this when they get older or some people may think that it is greedy to have a list when you are older to give to our family. But to me, it saves a lot of time trying to think of gifts for a lot of people.

There are things that I will get someone because I know that they will enjoy it and it will be meaningful to them, but there are times when I don’t have a clue what to get them and having a list is super helpful! I’m actually pretty much done my Christmas shopping now, I just have a few more things to pick up this weekend 😉

I thought I might share what is on my wish list with you guys and maybe this will inspire your gifts for someone else!

pink_fawn_frontSoYoung Cooler Bag– My sister turned me on to this company. Not only do they make incredibly cute cooler bags that are not juvenile looking at all, they are actually amazing at insulating your food! I’m dying to get one to take to work with me! Check them out here!


blanccroc-1500x1500Nice Water Bottle– I know that this seems vague and that’s because it is! What I mean, is that I want a bottle that I can bring to work and looks nice. The one I am using now is meant for camping, so it’s covered in stickers and is quite banged up. It’s great for the outdoors but not so much for an office. Swell is a good place to start since they come in so many patterns and are made of stainless steel!


41bagpkb3llKitchenaid Stand Mixer– This is on every ones wish list ever. This thing is AH-MAZING. I wish I had one, it makes cooking and baking 100 x easier and more efficient. It is a pricey item and something that I will probably end up buying for my self but a girl can dream. Check them out here!



431568-100dollar-vanilla-gift-visaGift Cards– If you are like me, you are particular about what you like and don’t like when it comes to clothing or shoes. My mom doesn’t like buying shoes or a clothes (that often) for me because she doesn’t want to get something I won’t like or doesn’t fit. A lot of people may say that gift cards are impersonal or the easy way out, but sometimes a gift card can be the best thing, because you are giving them the chance to get something they will love.

Some places to consider getting gift cards:

  • Indigo/Chapters
  • Victoria Secret
  • Shoe Store
  • Clothing Store
  • Home Decor/ Furniture Store
  • Michael’s
  • Or Vanilla cards, these are basically universal gift cards and can be used like credit cards most places!


I hope this was inspiring or helpful for you! I wish you all the most happy and wonderful holidays!




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