Holiday Traditions- Old and New

Hello again!

Today I am going to share some of my family’s traditions and some new ones that I have started now that I live on my own. These are fun little things that I loved about the holidays and I wanted to share with you because they may be something you guys do to!

Decoration This is something that we always did as a family and was something I looked forward to every year! The general rule at our house was that out-door decorations (lights & etc) were good to go up in November but not to be turned on until December 1st. Indoor decorations would go up during the first week of December  as soon as we had time to do it.

This is something I still follow, I don’t have an outside to decorate but I don’t put up my tree and indoor decoration until December 1st. I just feel it’s more special and more Christmassy that way 🙂

Tree Ornaments– This is something that I covered in my last post. I love trees that are full of beautiful unique ornaments. With their own memories or stories that come with them!

Holiday Movies– We would always watch the CBC holiday movie specials when they came on in the evenings leading up to Christmas. But there is one special movie that we always save for Christmas Eve and that is White Christmas with Bing Crosby. It’s a family favourite and is based around the song that Bing performs called ‘White Christmas’

Christmas Day– Christmas Day was something that always happened at my house. My cousins and aunts and uncles would come over and we would exchange gifts and eat and laugh and drink 😉 . This year is going to be something different as my mom was moved and the cousins seem to be all grown up. It’s going to be different but that is how new traditions are made!

New Traditions– I am still developing my traditions since I haven’t been living away from home for long. But I do think that I will be having my bf decorate the tree with me. I think it’s a great way for us to start off the holiday season together!

Baking cookies! This is a given, my family loves to bake and I want it to be a tradition that I bake some kind of Christmas Cookie every year. My mom does it with empire cookies, my sister does it with sugar cookies and now I want to do it and figure out wha kind of cookies I will do 🙂

Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones!




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