Currently- Things I’m Obsessed With

Hello again!

In this post I am going to share some things that I am currently obsessed with! This can range from music, to clothes, to food or even make up! So here we go, here is what I am fiending right now (excluding my frenchie Blu, I’m always gonna be obsessed with him) and I am by no means sponsored by anyone or anything in this post, that is just stuff I really enjoy and wanted to share with you:

Old Navy Jingle Jammies– I would live in these if I could. They are sooooo comfortable and even cuter! Seriously! And they are so inexpensive, Old Navy usually has sales or deals of some sort, so go out and get some before they are all gone!

Lion brand Hudson Bay Yarn– I saw this yarn popping up around instagram and I asked someone where they got it, surprisingly it’s at Michael’s! I adore this yarn, it’s soft and fluffy and I can’t get enough of the colours. Projects with this yarn are all over instagram and I know people are snatching this yarn up where ever they can, so get some before it’s all gone!


Breakfast Smoothies– This is something I am trying out with my new morning routine, and I have to say that it is working for me. The night before is when I make it and then I put it in the fridge and then I give it a good shake and its all good to go! All kinds of good stuff goes into the smoothie instead of me just eating frozen waffles for breakfast. Now the next step is to learn how to make pretty smoothie bowls.

David’s Tea Santa’s Secret– This is a seasonal tea that they only have out around the Christmas Holidays and it’s one of my favourites of all time. I would drink it all year round if I didn’t run out so quickly :(.


Hallmark movies on Netflix– This is my biggest guilty pleasure right now. Hallmark channel movies are now on Netflix and I have to say I love a sappy movie with a predictable ending. Sometimes I just need to watch a warm fuzzy movie, even though the writing isn’t Oscar worthy and the storylines aren’t crazy complex, I still enjoy them all the same.


That’s it for now, what are some things that you are obsessed with currently?







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