New Beginnings-Future Plans

Hello again!

I haven’t been able to post as much as I wanted to in the past 2 weeks since I have been changing jobs. Last week was my final week with the job I first got a year ago and that brought me to Toronto. I was a little sad to go but I am so so excited to start this new job! I am ready for a new challenge and to take even more steps towards my goals and the future that I want for my self.

This past year I have gone through a lot (starting in November 2015). I got my first car, my first apartment and a full time job all in another city away from home. I also got Blu, my little frenchie this year to! And I can’t imagine life without him now. Over this year I have had to think a lot about what my future goals are and what I can do to achieve them. I have had to learn how to create a budget and manage my finances (with a few phone calls to my mom).


Having my sister here was such a huge relief to me and knowing that she will be leaving soon with her husband on to a new adventure of their own in Boston makes me so happy and sad. Some of my favourite people that I enjoy spending time with are leaving 😦 But I have also made some new friends and have had some old friends come to the city too. I know that I couldn’t have done it without my boyfriend, he made this all so much easier.

I always new that I was interested in events, it was just disguised in sports! I slowly came to realize that it wasn’t so much the sport that I loved to be apart of it was just events as a whole! Now I am working on getting more experience working in events and seeing where that takes me.  I also started my etsy shop! It was a huge jump and I have been having a lot of fun making my shop unique and working on my products.


This week has been so crazy. So much crazy with the new job, I’m commuting farther, and on a huge learning curve with all this stuff I am doing. This also means a new daily routine for and my puppy and even my boyfriend. I’m excited for moving forward but so tired, I can’t wait for the weekend and it’s only Tuesday.

I’m hoping that by next week I will be settled at work and established my new routine. Annnnnd  I will be back to posting my more regular content! Thanks for sticking with me!




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