Anniversaries-What to do & What to get

Hello again!

My two year anniversary is coming up with my boyfriend in like a week and a half! So soon! Now if you have read my previous post from Valentines Day, romantic holidays aren’t really a huge deal for us. We prefer to just spend time together and be low key. I’m going to share what we have planned and gifts and such as well as ideas that may be helpful to you guys!


Last year he planned most of our evening and I have to say he did a really good job! He took me to the restaurant where we had our first date (not the exact one but the same chain) and then took me to a park where we could over look the city skyline and see it all lit up at night and it was gorgeoussssss!! Unfortunately I had a crappy phone and that meant no decent pictures to share of the view 😦 Then we went to a movie and then went home where we enjoyed the his and hers onesies I bought for us #relationshipgoals.

This year we are doing something similar. We plan on doing dinner and a movie since we haven’t gone out in a while on a real date. We aren’t doing the usual gift though. Instead we are buying tickets to the Weeknd’s concert. He is an artist that we both love and going together would just be amazing! Sadly the concert isn’t until May, but its still so worth it.I know it isn’t anything tooooo exciting, but it is something that suits us. I think that is something that a lot of people forget, and they get wrapped up in what their relationship looks like to other people instead of focusing on what really matters.

Here are some ideas of things you can do together:

  • Dinner
  • Movies (vip theatre…so worth the extra $$)
  • Sports game (TFC is in the playoffs you know)
  • Concert (too bad the Weeknd is so far awayyy)
  • Aquarium
  • Museum

There are so many options for things to do! Pick something that would really mean something to the both of you! You can even do something as simple as making his favourite meal with his favourite beer/wine. As long as you take the time to appreciate each other! You should also check our groupon! I have found that they usually have some pretty awesome deals on activities to do with you s/o!

If we weren’t going to do the concert I would have bought him a few things, but I will save them for Christmas 😉 . So here are some ideas for gifts for your mans:

  • Beard bib-totally buying this for him as a gift for Christmas!!
  • Boxers- A gift for you and him 😉
  • Gift basket – this is something I love to do. It can be themed or what ever you want!
  • Home made coupons- I did this for Valentine’s day and he loved it!
  • Tickets to that thing he loves
  • Fitbit bands- his band broke 😦

This year with him has been amazing and I can’t wait celebrate us and that we have been ‘us’ for 2 years! Now please excuse me while I listen to sappy love songs and stare creepily at my bf for a while! 🙂





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