Halloween Memories

Hello again!

Since Halloween is just under a week away I thought I would share some of my favourite memories and costumes I have had so far! 🙂 Halloween was always something fun at my house, my parents liked doing it because my sister and I liked it. They helped us out with our costumes and made sure we looked great!

Some of my favourite costumes from when I was younger would have to beeeeeeee;

A bunny– This was a full out bunny costume. My aunt had hand made for my oldest cousin and had been passed down through the cousins. I was a full body white fuzzy suit with a hood that had bunny ears and matching mittens. This costume was perfect for the the colder weather and there was minimal preparation other than some face paint.

Black Cat– I was a black cat for years. I don’t know why, I do know know that my parents were cool with it because that meant they didn’t have to go out and buy a new costume for me every year. And it was a super easy costume again, all black clothes with the ears, tail and mask and done!

Witch– I was also a witch for a few years wth one of my best friends. We lived down the street from each other so we would go trick-or-treating together. Since this was a repeat costume my parents didn’t mind getting me the broom and the hat and the weird dress thing to for it. I also had some wick face paint too.

When I was in university and I wanted to dress up the goal was to be original but not spend a ton of money on a costume that I would probably only wear once ever. My favourites from then would have to beeeeeee;

Survivor contestant– This one is my number one. I borrowed a survivor buff that one of my friends actually had. With a pair of distressed denim shorts sandals I already had, I spent 0$ on this costume!! Everyone knew what I was and I got so many compliments on it.

Pumpkin- This one was really fun. I got a green skirt on sale at H&M and then I got a felt pumpkin costume that I am 10000% sure was meant for a toddler but fit perfectly as a shirt from the dollar store. This one was super cheap, very cute and again I got lots of compliments on it.It was something that was easy to put together and was super inexpensive.

Flasher/perv-This one was hilarious. It also cost me 0$. I have a nude spandex dress from American Apparel I covered with black tape to be a censor bar, borrowed my moms trench coat and then I wore running shoes and sun glasses and then when ever any one asked what I was I would “flash them”. so so funny.

Most of my memories from Halloween are just me having a really good time with my friends. Whether I was 10 or 20 years old my goal was to always just have fun. I also liked that I got to choose what I was being for halloween and that my parents just rolled with it and were like ‘okay, cool’.

I have to say though this memory is my #1. It was the day before halloween and my parents had gone out for a date night, this meant that the baby sitter was coming over to watch me and my sister (Spoiler alert: best babysitter ever). I was like maaaaybe 6-7 years old at the time. Well, the sitter got bored and asked me and my sister what we were going to dress up as for Halloween the next night, and then she let us get into our costumes to show her. Some how the sitter got the genius idea to take me and sister out for a little bit in our costumes.

Honestly to me this was the greatest idea ever, I loved to play dress up so I just went with it and so did my sister. This then escalated in our babysitter taking us trick-or-treating 1 day early. She lied and said that we were going on a trip and would not be able to go out on actual Halloween and were so sad by that so she took us out a day early to make us feel better. THIS ACTUALLY WORKED. We got candy. Then she took us home, and got us cleaned up and ready for bed.

She told my parents what happened and my dad thought it was hilarious. She made sure to avoid our direct neighbours houses so we could still go there on Halloween and told my parents what houses she did go to so that we wouldn’t go there again and get in to trouble. To this day I am still baffled as to how she pulled it off without getting anyone in trouble!

What are some of your favourite costumes/ memories from Halloween?



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