Sugar Free Week 4- Final Thoughts

IT’S OVERRRR! This week was not that bad, but I did lose motivation towards to the end of the week. The Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up and My boyfriend and I are trying to clean out the fridge before we had left for vacation. So I have to say I did try but I ended up just eating what I had around.

Week 4- The final weeeeeeeek. I survived!… Mostly. I was on point until Friday. My sister is such a bad influence hahaha. Like I said earlier I am trying to make sure I don’t have any food that could go bad while I am away so I kind of just ate what I needed to. So I didn’t quite make the full 30 but I think I did pretty well.

Eating– Monday-Thursday, I was awesome. But then Friday happened and I was with my sister and the next thing I knew we were eating chocolate hahahaha. Fail. Overall my eating was really good for the past 3 weeks and I will definitely be making permanent changes from this challenge to my everyday life.

Grocery shopping – I am a lot more diligent in the grocery store about what I am buying. I try to get things with a lot more natural ingredients and as little added sugars as possible.

Cravings– I really haven’t had much cravings for something specific. It was more like I missed things but I didn’t feel like I needed them. Something I missed was cereal, it’s convenient and easy. I also miss hot chocolate, since the cold weather is here I wish I had some!

Body Changes– I am a lot less bloaty which is amazing. I have lost some weight and I am hoping to be a lot more active and exercise more to keep it that way.

Final Thoughts- This is not a lifestyle choice that I would adhere to all the time. I just don’t thing that it is doable for me. Although I may do something like this again after Christmas since I know I end up eating an ungodly amount of junk and this might help to reset and get back on track.




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