Travel Essentials

Next week I am going to Vancouver for a nice little vacation! I’m so excited! 🙂 I haven’t been there in a couple years, since I worked there for a summer. Honestly, it was one of the best summers I have ever had and I missed B.C. ever since I set foot on the plane to go home. This time I will be bringing my boyfriend with me and showing him all of my favourite places and going on some new adventures!

This post I will be sharing my list of travel essentials. This will be kept to the carry on bag otherwise the list would be a mile long.

  1. Headphones– These are keyyyy. I will only ever get noise cancelling headphones. They are the best thing ever. I splurged last summer and got myself a pair of Beats by Dre they were amazing when I spent so much time on the train.
  2. Gum– This is something that I will not fly without. I have been doing this since I can remember. I have always had issues with my ears and I find that for me, chewing gum during take off and landing helps my ears pop and to adjust to the pressure increases and decreases.
  3. Chapstick– Planes can get super dry so chap stick is a must. I also just haaaate to go anywhere with out some with me in general. Nobody likes dry lips.
  4. Phone power pack– Super key for travel, especially when you are going to be in an air port and outlets are hard to find and then when you do someone is already using it. My mom got me a Mophie as a stocking stuffer a couple years ago and I love it!
  5. Comfy clothes & shoes– I don’t know celebrities can travel all done up in nice clothes and heels. I practically live in leggings and sweat pants. Travelling in comfort > looking good.
  6. Book (something to do)– I love to read and I find that I don’t always like to watch what is on the plane so bring something to do. This also means you will have something to do while waiting to board or something. (Lucky me just found out knitting needles are allowed on the plane 😀 )
  7. Snacks & water– I can’t travel without snacks and water. Not even a road trip. They are always a must. And planes can get super dry, so water is the best choice to stay hydrated (this also helps prevent really bad jet lag for longer flights)
  8. Good backpack– Sorry Jansport, but I need a backpack with good back support, more pockets and padding. My MEC backpack has lasted me all through high school and university.
  9. Camera– Not only will this protect you camera from being damaged in any way, but you can also take some fun pictures in the airport and on the plane! I have a DSLR and I use my camera bag as my “purse” so I get still get to use my back pack as my carry on 😉 .
  10. Neck pillow– This one is almost self explanatory. This thing looks stupid but my god does it ever work. It saves you from damaging your neck trying to sleep. Everyone should have one.
  11. A travel buddy– I know that lots of people travel on their own but I know that I like to travel with someone else. It’s a really great feeling to share your adventures with someone else.

What are some things you can’t travel without?




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