Sugar Free Diaries- Week 3


Week 3 is overrrrr! And I survived my time of the month! Hooray I am so close to the end! This week went quite well I have to say. Although I am very much looking forward to the end of this challenge, as when my 30 days is over I will be in Vancouver for a mini vacation.

Week 3- Overall I would have to say that week three has been the easiest so far. Aside from the 2 days where my lady time cravings were really driving me crazy. I did cave one day but I have to say that in total this was my only ‘cheat’ so far which I think is pretty damn impressive.

Eating– Overall eating was pretty good. I was able to up my protein intake and that really helped. There was one day though, where I just really wanted peanut butter, the not so healthy kind that is. So I caved and made a toasted english muffin with peanut butter. I do not regret it in that I felt bad about eating it and that I was ‘cheating’ but I kind felt bad about not making it all the way to 30 days. My goal is to make my last week perfect.

Grocery shopping – Is pretty much a breeze now. I know that to look for and what I can and can’t have right away. Although I am now that lady in the grocery store that reads the labels of everything (only when it is something that I haven’t bought before).

Cravings– I JUST WANTED PEANUT BUTTER. and honestly I felt so much better once I had some. And donuts, but lets be honest when do I not want one? The difference now is that I can ignore it 🙂 haha

Body Changes– On my birthday (which is in January) I had bought these sexy pleather legging/pants from Zara. I adored them but they were a bit too snug. Now they fit perfectly! I have noticed some great changes especially in my midsection and I really like it.

Check back in a week to hear my final thoughts!




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