Sugar Free Diaries- Week 2

Week 2 is done and dusted! This week was easier and harder at the same time. It was easier as I began to get into the habit of what I can and cannot eat and deciding on meals and grocery shopping. It was hard my TOM is around the corner and that always makes me moody and crave sugar. But my boyfriend has been helping with preventing me from slipping which is nice… I guess hahaha.

Week 2- Overall I think it was a good week. I had no obvious slip ups. I made sure to have good sugar free snacks. It is challenging to make sure that the food I have I can also bring to work, but I make it work. I did have to attend 2 birthday celebrations this week where there was lots of tempting food and cake, but I did it! So major pat on the back for me 😀

Eating– Eating was better this week. It was easier to make sure I was eating the rights foods. The craving were on and off but like I said earlier I didn’t cave. I have been trying to avoid mindless snacking that I used to do and that has been good, but I do still need to eat more protein, I have decided to add protein smoothies to my day and see if that helps.

Grocery shopping – Grocery shopping is much easier. I find I know what foods I can and can’t have and now that I know what to look for in foods it will only get easier.

Cravings– On and off this week. Like I said at the beginning of my post it is almost my TOM and that is when I crave sugary things most which is making the past few days a little more difficult. But I think it will get better and easier.

Body Changes– I fit better in my jeans! Hooray! But the bloat is so real right now, thanks to Mother Nature. I can only predict more good things. My skin also has broken out so much like it usually does this time of the month so there is that too!

Check back here later for week 3!



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