Sugar Free Diaries- Week 1

I have survived week one of going sugar free! I have to say that it wasn’t easy, and there were days where I just wanted to go to the convenience store and buy all the candy and junk insight. But I got through it and I am proud of my self so far.

Week 1- I have only one major slip up and it was on day one. I wasn’t paying attention and had a sparkling lemonade. I didn’t even finish it though an ever since then I have been trying to be a lot more careful. This week I have only gone out to eat once and I did my best to avoid foods that I knew would have sugars in them but I have a feeling I may have missed something. Overall I have to say it was a good start and it is only going to get better once I get used to the changes.

Eating– I have been eating pretty well and haven’t had to make any major changes to my meals except for pasta (which if I get gluten free pasta doesn’t contain sugar so I have that). It has been my snacking that has had to completely change. I have been paying better attention to mindless eating and haven’t been doing it so much and only eating when I am actually hungry. But I have also been more hungry, So I am going to try and increase my protein intake this week.

Grocery shopping -Has been a challenge. I have spent a fair bit of time reading ingredients lists to make sure I’m not getting anything with sugar. The first shop I knew was going to be the biggest because I had to buy somethings that were staples, like the peanut butter, and quinoa. I think the second shop is going to go much better since I have a better idea of what I can have and what I can’t.

Cravings– I have had cravings everyday hahaha. I have read in a few articles about cutting out sugar that after 7 days your body kind of has a reset and the cravings are less. Mine haven’t been so much for candy and chocolate, it have been for cake and doughnuts and other baked goodies. But Once I got used to different snacks (and knowing I can still have chips & salsa) the cravings got much easier to deal with.

Body Changes– So far I have noticed that I am less bloated but my skin is the same. I don’t own a scale, so I can’t actually tell if any weight has been lost as of yet.No major changes yet as it has really only been a week.

Stay tuned for week 2!



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