Fall Must Haves

It’s fall! Well our weather begs to differ and keeps the heat waaaay up, and the first actual day of fall isn’t for another week and a half but still. Since fall is basically here I am going to share my list of fall must haves! ūüôā


First, oversized sweaters (obviously this is first). These can be just regular sweatshirts or hoodies or nicer knit sweaters. These can be dressed up or down and are a staple to any fall wardrobe. I have so many and I always want more, they are so comfortable and always cute.


jeansSecond, a good pair of jeans. These can be what ever cut or style you want. I just think everyone needs a good pair for fall. Again they can be dressed up or down and you have so many options to choose from! I loooooove dark denim and am hunting for a good pair of distressed jeans that doesn’t break the bank.




Third, FLANNEL. Honestly, I considered moving this to the top of my list because I am basically obsessed with flannel shirts. I think everyone and I mean EVERYONE neeeeeeeeds a good flannel, and I mean real flannel (meaning the material) not just the pattern of the shirt. They are so soft and warm and comforting, everyone should at least one. I have at least 4.. hahaha



Fourth, big scarf. A blanket scarf or just oversized is really key. It can accent or tie an outfit together really nicely. I have a poncho-scarf from garage and I LOVE IT. It keeps me warm and I look hella good when I wear it. I do have a great collection of scarves and am always looking for something new to add to it.



Fifth, floppy hat. I adore my floppy hat. I got it at H&M and I wear it whenever I can. 95% of the time I wear it I get compliments on it and I feel super chic and badass in it too. Not only does it look good but it also helps to hide a bad hair day. I love my floppy hat and would  love to get a new one in a different colour this season!



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