No-Bake Energy Bites

For the summer my work schedule has been crazy and I have been looking for healthier snack alternatives that would provide more protein than other snacks. These are something that are easy to eat when I need a pick me up or am in a hurry to get somewhere but need to eat something that will fill me up. I am really bad for needing to be somewhere and not eating either enough or not eating at all, so I am hoping that these will help keep me going through out the day.

The recipe is from a blog I found on Pinterest called Our Holly Days the owner of the blog is called Holly (obviously) and I really enjoy her recipe posts! I did her version for a kids back to school treat (substituting the chocolate chips for M&Ms).

IMG_1915This is everything gathered together before I started (minus the vanilla)  :). If I were to make this as healthy as possible I probably would have opted for organic ingredients with no added sugars BUTTT where’s the fun in that ;).






IMG_1916This is the ‘wet’ ingredients when they are all combined. They smelled amazing I have to say.






IMG_1917This is everything all combined! I was a little worried that everything wasn’t going to stick together, but when I reread the instructions it said to chill in the fridge for a while beforeeeee trying make the little balls. So into the fridge it goes.





IMG_3980This is after the fridge! I may have let is chill a little too long as when I had started to form the balls they didn’t want to stick together. But when I worked it a little and warmed it up a bit it stuck together much better. I will admit that I definitely added too many M&Ms (which is apparently possible) by adding too many the mixture wouldn’t stick so you will see the extra sad little left behinds on the bowl … 😦


After a taste test I can confirm, THEY ARE DELICIOUS. 10/10 would make again.

Here is a link to the recipe!! Enjoy no-bake energy bites !




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