Beauty Blenders- Are they worth it?

The first time I ever saw someone using a ‘Beauty Blender’ was when abouttttttttt 6 years ago and they weren’t really bug then. But I had a friend who was very good a make up and staying on trend and she explained to me what it was. Saying it was to help blend your make up into your skin easier for overall better looking coverage. I was somewhat interested then but forgot about it until this past year or so.

I have to admit that I just bought my first blender about a week ago… It was on recommendation from my sister that really got me to go get it. I had thought about getting one before but every time I looked around for them they were always so damn expensive. Like excuse me, but you mean to tell me that this little piece of purple foam is reallllllyyyyy worth $30?! I THINK NOT. But I have also heard of people buying cheaper ones that were absolute garbage, so I was hesitant to buy one for that reason as well.



Seriously this thing to the right <- <- <- is listed on the Sephora website as being $28 ! I’m sorry but no thanks. I have yet to find someone tell me there is a huge difference between this one and all the other ones that make it magically worth the almost $30 that you would be spending on it.


Then my sister told me she found one that was much more reasonably priced and worked amazingly well! So I decided to get one before I went to my cousin’s wedding celebration so I could test it out. I apologize for being so bad at taking pictures btw, I forgot to take ones in the package and stuff. Anywayssss, it is a shoppers find and is Quo brand. I have used a few Quo products before and I have to say that overall they are pretty good quality at a good price.

quoIt was like $7.99 for the blender which I picked up in the beauty department. I used it about 4 days after I bought it to do my make up for the party. It comes in a  plastic bag looking thing and you can see the blender through it. My first impression of it was that it feels much softer than I expected. I thought it was going to be more of a rigid foam than spongey. I also noticed it absorbs some of the product that you are using so you may have to use a little more than you are used to.


I used it to blend out my concealer and foundation. I actually liked the feeling of it on my face, it wasn’t scratchy or abrasive at all. It did a really good job of equally covering my face but not making it look cakey. Like make up brushes though you will have to wash it….. soon because I seriously need to wash my brushes. I am by no means an expert with make up, I barely know what to do with eyeliner but even someone like me can use this tool and not screw it up.

I would say that with the way a lot of make up is now a days with all the contouring, high lighting, foundation, concealer, etc. (basically a bunch of face products) this is a great tool to make sure that everything blends well and that there are no obvious/ harsh lines on your face. My recommendation would be that you don’t have to go to Sephora to buy the branded ‘Beauty Blender’ for crazy amounts of money. There are much less expensive options that will do the exact same job.  Please excuse the look of mine, as I said earlier I didn’t take any pictures until after I had used it already (pen used for scale).


So, is a beauty blender worth it? I would have to say yes, especially since there are much more budget friendly options out there. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes which I’m sure have some sort of special meaning but I don’t know.  Just watch out for ones that are complete crap and are a waste of money. 🙂




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