Knitted Headband + small announcement

Hello again!

Yes, this is something knitted in the heat of summer. However, this is actually when I do try and do some knitting for friends and family so that by the time fall/ winter rolls around they will have what ever it is that they asked for and won’t have to wait for me to finish it. This also puts a lot less pressure on me since I know there isn’t a strict deadline to finish my projects.

This headband is one of the first things I learned to knit on my own that I really liked. Instead of just sticking to scarves or boring plain head bands. I learned this about 3 years ago when headbands were really starting to become popular. The pattern is super cute, easy to follow, and I have always gotten compliments every time I wear mine and numerous people have asked me to make one for them!

The best part is that the yarn to make them doesn’t cost much and it takes maybe 2 full days of knitting or 3 days if I take breaks to finish it. I have made 2 for my self but I actually ended up giving one away and I have made them for my mom and sister as they demanded I make one for them after seeing mine. I love that the pattern is super easy to follow that once I get started I can keep going without having to repeatedly check it and that the end design looks so complicated and pretty.

I found it while looking up free patterns online and I feel so lucky that I did!

This is a screen shot that I took of the pattern so that I did not have to go back to the website and that I could print it out and use it when ever I needed with out having to go and get my laptop (which is really inconvenient when you’re knitting). Here is a link to the original post if you would like the pattern for yourself Headband Pattern! The pattern itself isn’t long, and repeats itself a lot. It looks so much harder than it really is I promise.

headband pattern

This is the the start: I used Lionbrand yarn in super bulky (6) with 6mm needles. I also recommend that the third needle you use to help with the cabling be a double pointed needle, I find it way more useful.

Middle: The first picture is after a few rows. The starting end won’t be flat because of the cabling but it doesn’t really matter since you are going to attach it to the other end once you are finished. The other photo is at around 10 inches, the band does have some stretch in it so you don’t have to make it huge to fit your head which is nice.

End in order: Top left is the finished cast off, top right is holding both finished ends together before I stitch them to each other to complete the band. Bottom left is stitching them together, bottom right is the finished band and a better shot at the cable pattern. When stitching the ends together it is easier to do when the garment is inside out. Once the ends are knotted and woven in you are done!


Now you have a beautiful headband 🙂


Announcement: After much thought and waffling on the decision for about a year, I decided that I am going to open an Etsy shop for the things that I knit (this head band included). I have been told a few times that I should sell these, so with the permission of the pattern creator, I am! Once I have it up and running I will be posting the link to it.

So if you have any advice or even requests of what you would like to see please pleaseeeeee let me know!




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