What is in my gym bag?

Hello again!

This is post is going to be about not only what I carry in my gym bag, it is going to include gym apparel,  my progress so far and my overall feelings about the gym too!

Gym Bag


The actual bag itself is very blah. It’s just a smaller sized duffle that I used to use as a carry on bag when I would fly anywhere. It’s big enough to fit all my stuff with extra room for like a large sweater and sweat pants. I am now considering investing in a more grown up gym bag,  that is a bit nicer than a smelly old duffle. Now for what is in my bag!

  • Shoes: I have a set of indoor gym shoes that are crossfit nano’s, they are super durable and great for all kids of work outs!
  • Headphones: I am actually the worst at keeping headphones. For whatever reason I break mine constantly 😦 . So right now I am using the headphones that came with my iphone 6S. Normally I use noise cancelling earbuds, bit these ones have been working pretty well as a replacement. Hopefully I will get some new ones soon!
  • Socks: I always keep an extra pair of socks in my bag. Trustttt meeee, you can never go wrong by packing an extra pair. I have forgotten to bring some with me a few times and I absolutely HATE going barefoot in running shoes.
  • Water Bottle: I always bring my big Gatorade bottle with me, the big green one with the orange lid that everyone has. I have a ring of black tape around my to mark it juuuuust incase. It holds a lot of water and I also like it because I am not wasting plastic bottles.
  • Athletic Tape: I have a roll of super strong athletic tape in my bag. I keep it there just in case, like a blister or skin tear or even to prevent those things.
  • My phone: I use my phone to keep track of time, as a timer, and to play music. It also syncs with my fitbit.
  • Biosteel: This is something that I have stated using in the past year. It’s a drink powder that you mis with water and use it instead of stuff like Powerade or Gatorade. It is all natural, doesn’t have artificial flavours or colours. AND it is not only promoted by professional athletes but used by them constantly.
  • Lock: You should always have a lock to keep your things protected while at the gym. Some people rent lockers but I just use one for the time that I am there and then I go. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my things are safe and then I can just focus on getting my sweat on.

I am not one of those ‘instagram models’ where all my stuff has to colour coordinate and be super fancy looking. For me as long as it works, I’ll take it! So don’t ever feel bad because your gym attire or bag isn’t as cute as some girls online! You do you booboo, if you want to match do it! If you don’t then that’s okay too, just don’t feel like you have to do something because someone else is doing it.


Gym Clothes 

8bf3f94494c80a6b4b1c976bb1be3c3aNow that brings me to gym clothes. Some people may say that I have too many gym clothes, like my mother.. and my boyfriend. Maybe they are right, but that is part of the price to pay when you work in the sports industry. But I just want to say, I don’t have cute outfits for the gym, sometimes I wish I did. My only advice for those at the gym, dress for the work out that you will be doing. Try to avoid super baggy clothes because they can be dangerous and get caught on yourself or other things. Also, extremelyyyyyy tight clothes can limit your range of motion and be kind of uncomfortable.


Gym Progress

5e93db90309b89e83bb97dc86b4d8964So far, since I have started regularly going to the gym a few months ago, renewing my commitment to my new years resolution for the gym I am finally seeing some progress! I have lost a couple pounds and am starting to lean out. With the nicer weather coming out my bf and I have been spending a lot more time out side being active. One of the best moments was the other day when my bf pointed out my progress 🙂 . It’s nice to hear it from some one else. Since I have been consistently working out I have noticed that I feel a lot happier or more positive a lot more of the time. And for me most noticeably is that during my ‘time of the month’ I don’t have as bad PMS as I used too when I wasn’t working out consistently.

I won’t be posting progress photos yet as I want to wait and fully document my journey before I share anything. But the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines has been working for me and I recommend you try it out! There is even an app to make it easier to use! She also has a 2.0 and a 3.0 once you move on from the first guide! 

Gym Feelings

CcRby1ZUAAARJ1jNow, I work out at a Goodlife gym. It is a branch of a national company that has gyms all over Canada. The one I go to has a women’s only work out area, dedicated for ladies and only ladies. It’s not very big, but it has enough room for me to get my work out done. I don’t really care about working out in a co-ed or women’s only facility but, what I do like about the women’s only is that it is connected to the change rooms, so I don’t have to walk far to get to the work out area. Also, and this may just be me but, I have found that the women’s area has a little more floor space for me to do my work outs without being in the way of the machines or other people, it makes it easier to create a little circuit for myself rather than navigate all over the gym to get what I need.



Tell me what is in your gym bag OR what you think I should add to mine?! and if you have any suggestions to a more grown up gym bag I would love to hear them too!


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