Review: Charmed Aroma Candle- Sweet Pea Valley

For the past year or so I have been seeing an increasing amount of ads/posts about Charmed Aroma Candles. They are scented candles that have very beautiful rings hidden in them with varying values (some up to $5000). A few months ago I was doing a bit of research on them to see what other people had thought of them and I have to say that the overwhelming majority were very positive and happy with the product. So I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a candle with a friend.

The ordering process was so easy and I was able to use a promo code to save a few bucks as well! BONUSSSSS. The delivery said it would take anywhere from 5-7 days, being that this is a Toronto based company it only took 3 days which was an awesome surprise! Add another bonus to the list for great delivery service.

The candles arrived in an appropriately sized box. And I only say this because I have received stuff that I have ordered in a stupidly too large box, so for environmental sake and just common sense this made me happy. Both candles were wrapped in bubble wrap and there was not a scratch on them. They arrived an amazing condition and smelled heavenly. they are roughly the same size as the big 3 wick candles from Bath & Body works  except it has 2 wicks. They have the same kind of look; glass jar, metallic lid, label.

Now I noticed that a lot of people who ordered the candles would just burn them down until they found their little foil packets that contained the ring. I actually like to use the candles for their intended purpose, making my apartment smell great and just adding a relaxing vibe to the atmosphere. They have a really nice scent, it’s not really fake or overwhelming. Which was something I was a little worried about when I ordered as you can’t smell them before you order them.

I would say it took until the 4th use to see the packet, each use I let it burn for about 1.5 hours, the sneaky little thing was placed behind the label so I had to actually look into the candle to see it. It was probably on the 5th or 6th use that I finally fished it out with a pair of metal chopsticks that I have.

I recommend blowing the candles out first and having a paper towel or something ready to put the packet on while you unwrap it, it just helps prevent a mess. Once you unwrap the ring it has this little tag on it with a number/letter code on it. On the Charmed Aroma website there is a spot to enter in this code and it will ‘appraise’ (tell you the value of) the ring you just unwrapped. Mine is $50, which is not bad, basically double the worth of the candle.



I have to say this was a very positive experience! I really enjoyed the service, the product, and the little surprise. I really have no recommendations or issues with this product. The only thing is that I have kinda chubby fingers so I was worried that the ring may not fit as you cannot choose the size of the ring you get. It does fit a couple of my fingers so that was a relief. I just wish there was a way to request a size but I also understand how complicated that could make things. So overall I would give Charmed Aroma a 9.5/10. Only losing .5 because of the size thing. I would recommend this as a gift for anyone who enjoys candles and surprises or even as something nice to get yourself! 🙂


To Purchase your own candle visit the Charmed Aroma website now! 🙂


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