Spring Essentials!

Spring has finally sprung in Canada! It was a little hit and miss the past 2 weeks but we finally have spring weather and no more snow! This means that it is time to bust out the spring essentials! This is a list of things that I feel are necessary to have for spring! This list will have a mix of different types of things from fashion to make up!


First on the list is nail polish! Spring has more pastels and neutrals coming out in nail polish collections. My favourite polish brand is Essie, they have a great selection of colours and I find that it isn’t cheap looking and actually lasts, this goes for their top coats as well. My favourite colours that Essie has that I feel really go with the season are ‘Bikini So Teeny’… ( which I happen to have on right now) and Fiji. ‘Bikini So Teeny’ is a nice blue it’s not too soft or baby like, and it’s not too in your face, I think it is the perfect blue, and I totally wear this on my toes in the summer. ‘Fiji’ is a nice soft pink, and goes with anything, it makes me feel really sexy and feminine. After to talking with a lot of my girl friends about this they all seem to really love ‘Fiji’ as well I always use the ‘No Chips Ahead’ top coat when I do my nails as it is the top coat that I have had the best results with and I am not someone who is gentle with their hands!

The second thing on my list is boots! In Canada spring can be pretty wet and mucky from all the melting snow and rain, so having a good pair of boots is key. Now they don’t necessarily have to be rain boots, but they should be able to get a little wet and dirty and now have you worrying about wrecking them! I have Blundstones, and I have to say that they are great in this weather. Yes, they may be more expensive BUT they are great quality and will last you yearsssssssssss. Not only are they really cute, they are very comfortable and provide good support for your feet. I also find that they more they are worn the more character they have. I would also say Dr. Martens are a good choice as well and they come in so many fun designs! Again, they are more expensive but you are really getting quality work that will last for years to come. These boots are so great, and I know that when I am walking around the city and accidentally step in a puddle my feet will be happy and dry!

Third on the list is a functional spring jacket. This is something that will actually keep you warm from the spring breeze but still looks cute as hell. I recommend either a denim jacket (I’m Canadian, obviously denim is on the list #canadiantuxedo), a leather jacket (or fake leather) and a canvas jacket. All these jackets work great at keeping you warm in the spring, pair well with scarves and other accessories or on their own, and make you look even better than you already do! (bonus, these jackets do double duty as they also work great in the fall). Right now I have the denim and canvas, they are good jackets that can fit a light sweater underneath should I need it but also work as a great light spring jacket. I am currently in the market for a new leather or pleather jacket. I had one for a while but eventually I decided that I didn’t like it anymore so I donated it. Personally I want a more edgy looking leather jacket but that’s just me.

Fourth on the list is a tinted moisturizer! This is something that is great to have all year round is it can give your skin a break from heavier foundations while still providing some colour to cover and thing you may want. I find that the moisturizer works great in the summer months as you will get sweaty and that a lot of them will now have SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun. I found that in the summer last year my skin was breaking out because I was wearing more make up than usual since I was working so much. I then switched to a tinted moisturizer/ BB cream and it really helped since it was not to heavy and still helped to cover a few blemishes! I am still looking for the prefect one for my skin (I tend to get pretty oily and shiny in the ‘T’ zone) so if you have any recommendations pleaseeeeee let me know!

Fifth and final on the list would be a pair of casual shoes! Since you now have the cute and comfy boots for the gross mucky weather, now you need the cute shoes for the really sunny beautiful weather! Boat shoes, Converse, and canvas slip ons are what seems to be the most popular choices. These shoes are a great way to be casual and cute and maybe a little sporty looking. These shoes are meant to be comfortable so if you are going to a game or just walking around your feet should feel good and look good. Since it is not quite sandal weather (and if you are like me with forever cold feet) they will also keep your toes nice and warm until the summer really starts. One of the best things about these shoe is that they come in so many different colours and even patterns. You could buy multiple pairs but have them look totally different! I have a habit of wearing my shoes until they are falling apart so I am now in the market for a couple new pairs 😉


I hope you are all having a great start to the new Spring season! If there anything that you feel is a Spring essential and that I missed please let me know 🙂




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