Review: Fitbit Alta

logo_englishFor almost a year I have been researching and looking in to a fitness tracker that suited my lifestyle and wasn’t outrageously expensive. I had heard about the reactions that some people were having to the wrist bands that the fitbit was using in some of their other fitness trackers. My friend was actually one of them, I talked to her a lot about her fitbit to make sure I was well informed. I also talked to my mom about her fitness tracker which was a Garmin brand.

I was looking for something that I can wear everyday that will monitor my steps, calories burned, and my sleep, it also gives me nudges to get up and move. The fitbit app lets me track water in take as well as food and weight loss if you would like too. It also comes with interchangeable bands that are actually pretty nice and make it so that the tracker looks like a fancy watch. The Alta also has the capabilities to receive text notifications and call notifications. I shows me who has texted me and a bit of the message. For calls it just buzzes on my wrist letting me know my phone is ringing. This was a bonus and I reallllllyyyyy like it. It makes it easier to know if a message is urgent and needs to be answered right away or if it can wait.


When I came across the reviews for the fitbit Alta, it hadn’t been released yet and the reviews were all from the beta testers. They all really seemed to like it for the every day use. It is water resistant, but not water proof… So no swimming with it, or showering. It also recommends that it you are really sweaty to take it off and allow skin to breathe and dry off, and to clean the band and allow the band to dry as well. This is to help prevent skin irritation from happening. Make sure you read the little booklet of information that comes with it, there is good reason they put them in the box in the first place.

I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and I have gotten really used to it. I was a little hesitant how I would feel sleeping with it on, since I was not used to sleeping with jewellery or a wrist band on, but its really quite comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all. I really like that it monitors sleep, I find that I am able to have a better sleep cycle now that I know how much sleep I am actually getting.

I also find that since there are daily goals to meet I am up and moving a lot more. I will get up and walk around to meet the hourly step goals and park farther from store fronts so that I have to walk more to get there and get all my steps in. I am drinking more water and tea, and a lot less juice and pop.I try to be more active daily which is really good. It is able to auto track certain workouts like walking, elliptical, and cycling. The app also allows you to add a huge selection of other workouts. It will then calculate (based on the information about yourself that you put in the app) the calories burned from the work out.


After these 2 weeks of using it I have to say that I really enjoy it. I am able to better track my progress and I makes me want to keep going and motivate myself even more. I even got one for my boyfriend. Now we use it to see who takes more steps in a day, it’s a fun way to compete an motivate each other. Thanks to the app we can see how man steps each other has and send little messages cheering or taunting each other to get up and move. Overall I love the fit bit Alta. It isn’t crazy expensive, it monitors all of the things that I want and is able to give me text and call notifications. I give this product a 9/10. I love it! and recommend it to anyone! The only thing that prevents it from a perfect 10 would be that it isn’t 100% accurate, which is just the fact that it is almost impossible for it to be accurate when I am wearing it on my wrist and honestly it doesn’t bother me.







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