Lazy Girl Hairstyles

These are my 5 favourite hairstyles to do when I don’t feel like heat styling my hair or I am in a hurry and need something other than a messy bun to get my hair off of my face. These take me no more than 10 minutes in the morning to do when I get ready for work.


  1. The Sock Bun

The sock bun is a favourite because it can but done in so many ways and worn with so many outfits. It can class up any outfit for any occasion. It can be sleek and sophisticated or messy and casual. The best part is that is it only takes a few minutes to do it! so instead of spending an hour on my hair I spend no more than 10minutes at most. All you need is a hair donut, a couple of elastics, bobby pins and some hair spray if you feel that you need it. And if you feel like adding some texture or volume some sea salt spray or dry shampoo should do the trick. And if any one tells you that “you  can curl your hair with a sock bun, I saw it in Pinterest” they are full of shit. Trust me my hair looks nothing like the photos and I have stopped trying to make it happen. hahaha

There are also variations to the sock bun to make it less traditional, you can wrap a braid around the bun from hair that is left out. You can add a bunch of smaller braids to the bun. You can french/dutch braid your hair before it goes in to the bun, etc…


2. The Fishtail Braid

This is something that I learned from watching a few youtube videos and a day off from work when I was in Vancouver a few years ago. Where I worked required that my hair be tied back and I got bored very quickly of the pony tail so I Started playing with braids and taught myself this one. The best part is that it looks so  complicated but is very simple. I like to wear it when I am out running errands or going out some where nice, it can suit any occasion. Again, this can be done messy with strands coming out or sleek with it all tight looking. To do this you need an elastic and maybe some hair spray or bobby pins. (if your hair has layers you will need these to keep the braid intact better). Sometimes I put it in a low pony tail first then do the braid as it keeps all my hair together better and then once the braid is finished I take the elastic out. Whenever I wear my hair like this someone always seems to compliment it, so I highly recommend this hair style. My personal preference is a messy braid it’s more minxy.


3.The ‘Elsa’ Braid

Or better known as the Dutch braid, is very similar to the french braid, the best way I can explain it is an inside out french braid. The hair is woven on the outside as opposed to be woven inside…. if that makes any sense. I like this braid over the regular french braid because it adds more volume. The other variation to this is the ‘Katniss’ braid, where it is done to the side so the braid wraps around your head starting at one temple and ending at the opposite base of your neck. I have done this quite a few times and I do get compliments on it which is always a nice feeling. To do this look I use a brush and an elastic, hair spray is an option if you want get rid of the baby hairs that may poke out. I prefer to wear it in the ‘Katniss’ variation since for some reason I alway send up pulling my braid over my shoulder so for more comfort and functionality I braid it to be able to do that.


4. The Top Knot

This one may be the easiest of all. Top knots are really easy and can be worn with a lot of things, and are quite trendy right now. So on top of being incredibly time saving when it comes to getting ready, you also look suuuuuuuper trendy. #onpoint #fleekAF. What I find easier is using sea salt spray to add some texture and make my hair more grippy and adds a bit more volume. I also love to use it because it smells amazeballs. To do this you will need a brush, elastic and some bobby pins. Also hair spray is never a bad idea (within reason, no one likes crunchy hair). This is one that I tend to use on day 2 or day 3 hair, it gives it more texture and your hair is a lot less slippy. And you can judge me alllllll you want for having ‘dirty’ hair but washing it every day is bad for it.


5. Half-up Bedhead

This is one I have really started to use a fair bit, especially on day 2 hair. Basically I sleep with my hair down and then see what it looks like in the morning, and then if i deem it acceptable and not like I electrocuted myself, I would separate it and do either a high pony tail or messy bun. The choice is yours really on what you are feeling. If you want you can add a few curls or some texturizing cream. When I rock this I of course feel like Khloe Kardashian, one hundo p. Even if you don’t like the Kardashians (I am indifferent about them really) you have to admit Khloe has serious hair game (or you can say Arianna Grande, if it makes you feel better, but seriously who cares)


I use these styles regularly to give my hair a break from heat styling them. And even more so lately cause the winter dries my hair out like no other. The main thing I suggest to do these style is to get some small clear elastics, they make them look so much better (as featured in my Hair Must Haves!). You don’t have this huge knob of elastic on the end of your braid or extra elastic you keep having to wrap around forever. And also a little but of hair spray goes a long way, unless you are going to a formal event where tornado proof hair is needed, just a few sprays here and there are good enough.

I hope you like these as much as I do!



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