Scratch Map Mount DIY

I first saw a scratch map on Pinterest, and I thought it was a really cool new way of documenting the places that you have visited over the sticking a pin in a map. It is basically a map that is black and the countries of the entire world are gold and are covered in the the same waxy coating that scratch off tickets have. Every country is a different colour to make them stand out and makes it more pretty.

Here you can see the different colours.. sort of. The green that is used for Canada some what blends in with the gold and same with the orange that is used for the US. I haven’t gone to many places yet but I am working on it!

I bought one first for one of my best friends as a house warming gift when she and her boyfriend moved in with each other. She has traveled a lot with and without her BF, so I thought it was cool for them to show where that have been. They decided to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall and I have to say that it looks pretty nice. I had originally gone to chapters to look for something to get her for the new apartment and was super happily surprised.

Since I bought the map for her I really wanted one for my self. So I decided to go out get one for myself. However, I didn’t want to put it in the frame because I am lazy and didn’t want to keep taking it out of the frame every time I wanted to scratch off a new country. I was talking to my mom about it and she suggested that I mount the map onto some cork. That way I can  Stick it to the wall and keep it on a firm surface and still protect the wall from all the scratching I hope to be doing in the future.

I’m not to sure if chapters still has these in stock but they do have them on amazon (and quite a bit cheaper than when I bought  mine)

What I needed: IMG_3148

  • Map
  • Rolls of cork (3)
  • Spray adhesive

I went to Michael’s to purchase the material (except for map, that was bought at chapters). I had originally bought only 2 cork rolls but soon realized that it wasn’t quite enough. I had to go back to Michael’s to buy one more roll.


Then I unrolled the map and cork and weighted them out flat so that they wouldn’t curl up on themselves. I would recommend to leave it for at least 24 hours maybe more that’s up to you. I used whatever I had in my apartment that was heavy but wouldn’t damage the cork or map. I this case it was some books from one of my favourite series (which also happen to be quite hefty). I also swear this is not a plug for the books but they are amazing hahaha

From there I flipped the map over and sprayed the cork rolls then pressing them on the back, only 2 cork rolls fit properly and I cut the third so that it fit in the spaces that were left over. So technically it was about 2.5 cork rolls not a full three. I would have bought a bigger roll of cork but I couldn’t find one at the Michael’s but I do know they sell them. Also make sure there is a spray nozzle on the glue spray can!!!!!! I didn’t check and when I got home it wasn’t there! So I had to go and get another one.


This is what the map looks like now that I have it mounted to the cork. I let the adhesive set on the cork on the over night and now it is ready to put up on the wall! I haven’t decided where yet so it is still sitting on my floor but as soon as I put it up somewhere I’ll post a picture! 🙂 It really didn’t cost much to do… aside from the map cost, the other materials were under $10.



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