The Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day


Have you ever had one of those days or even days that just suck. SO. HARD.

I have had one of those recently.. well a couple of them actually and I wanted to vent/ share my ways to get out of the negative head space and in to a much better and healthier mind set. These are not the worst thing to ever happen to me BY FAR, but it happened and I wanted get it off my chest. One thing that makes these kids of days much harder is that I am no longer living at home with my mom, and my mom is my constant source of support. She makes everything better, just like moms do.

Basically my weekend was bracketed by two unfortunate days that surrounded 2 really good days. (it was a long weekend in Ontario due to family day) Friday I had a pretty good day actually but it was when I got home and was getting ready to go visit my sister that I had noticed something weird happening in my bathroom. And then it happened, my tub started to fill with dirty water, and I don’t mean like used water from the sink, THERE WAS POOP AND IT WAS AWFUL. From there is only got worse, my tub was almost full and my toilet was constantly filling up which meant I had to transfer water from toilet to bathtub.



Thankfully my super intendant is really good and called the plumber for me immediately and he was there within the hour and fixed the problem asap. My super was then nice enough to give me some bleach and gloves to clean my tub. Which I did, thoroughly. About and hour after the plumber showed up he had fixed the issue and my tub & toilet were back to doing the normal thing. But that whole situation really put a damper on my plans as I couldn’t go any where until it was taken care, and by the time it was I just wanted to have dinner and do nothing.

Saturday and Sunday were uneventful aside from the valentines day plans of dinner while we netflix & chill’. There was one hiccup but I dismissed it as not a big deal at the time and just figured it had to do with the weather. My car wouldn’t start on Sunday. I thought since it was so cold Saturday (-30 Celsius) that it was a cold battery and that giving it a jump and driving it around for a while would make it all better. So on Monday that is what I did with the help of my studly boyfriend who generously jumped my car with his. After I drove around for ~45 min I deemed my engine back to normal and tired starting it again a couple times after I turned it off. Success! … or so I thought.

54cb283bc42e3_-_old-battery-0214-deTuesday Morning, I go to start my car and go to work (earlier than usual I ain’t no fool). Dead battery. AGAIN. ugh. I text my boss who is a saint and completely understood and said to come in for the afternoon after I sort out my car business. After jumping my car again (which I am now an expert at btw) I got it to the mechanic where they said it was a faulty battery (THANK GOD), cause my new battery is under warranty so I was able to get the problem fixed…… I hope for about $50.

But then I developed some stomach problems in the afternoon and have been in some Fdy5Cu1OrN8UEdiscomfort but It seems to be getting better with time. But it just seems that It was one thing after another and I thought I was handling better than my usual self (ie. getting super frustrated and crying and then handling my shit). I did not cry today. I handled my shit and go everything done. But I still missed that comfort of home and the supports system that my mom gives me. I had my comfort food for dinner (which was also easy on the stomach), had some tea and called my mom. After a long chat I feel much better and am now going to curl up with netflix and more tea or some hot chocolate with marshmallows. I’ll have an early bed and reset for tomorrow.


My boyfriend has been so wonderful to me with trying to keep me happy and make me laugh but there is just something about moms that just make it all better. What do you guys do to get rid of the bad juju after a sucky day?




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